Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Because the HP moderators have lost all sense of reason and integrity, I probably won't be around much longer. I have really enjoyed, more than I can express, those of you that I consider to be friends and verbal "sparring partners" scattered all across the cyber universe. My time spent at HP has been well spent: my verbal skills have been sharpened and my brain cells have been stimulated. But it is easy to see that that sort of enrichment will not be allowed to continue much longer at HP, my estimation is, that as soon as the Facebook, etc. crowd takes over completely, that will be the end of any chance at greatness for HP and those that made it great.
But know this, I will not quit--I will go down with all guns firing!
They will have to throw me overboard to silence me, and I hope all of you feel the same way if you ever come to the same situation. To keep in touch, should the end come suddenly, herewith is my email address and you are welcome to pass it along:
Just so you know, I feel that spammers should get the firing squad and I keep "Carmine and Vito" on retainer.



Friday, February 12, 2010


Below is a comment that I sent out on Feb. 12th, 2010 and was censored by HP. There is no profanity, vulgarity, lies or misinformation in this comment and I see far worse condemnation of groups and individuals on HP all the time. Can anyone explain to me how censorship at HP works? I picked several posts at random and made the same comment: Agreed! Every single one was moderated, very strange since the comment had already passed muster--how many of you other posters are on some sort of censorship "hit list"?

My reply to zeppelingirl
Thank you! I would like to make it quite clear to the PC crowd that my comment had nothing to do with any race. Because I used the term jihad, it was obvious that I was referring to Muslims. While true that some people (Timothy McVeigh et all) who called themselves Christians committed horrendous acts of murder and mayhem, the vast majority of decent, honest Christians condemned those acts in the strongest terms. That attitude is radically different than the vast majority of the Muslim faithful who, even in their mildest forms; believe in suppression of women, death to homosexuals, child brides, and human beings as chattel property. They have declared war on us and have no intention of backing off no matter what we do or say. They consider their ultimate enemy to be, not our military; but our very way of life. If the radical jihadist murdering MUSLIM lunatics were NOT supported by the rank and file, in this country and abroad, the FBI's phones would be ringing off the hook. So far as these PC lovers are concerned, if they lived in what the murdering jihadist lunatics and their sponsors, sympathizers, and leaders might call the Earthly State of Allah; those very PC lovers would be the first forced up the 13 steps of the gallows and the declared atheists would be at the head of the line. I wish them well if this Great Democracy loses the fight.

Sunday, February 07, 2010


I intend to keep up with my Blog on a much more frequent basis. Expressing opinions, constructive criticism, and just plain howling are perfectly O. K. but from now on I intend to offer as many solutions to problems as possible. Please be as candid in your replies as possible. I can take profanity, vulgarities, slurs, innuendoes, and personal attacks; but please leave misinformation and lies out of the equation. Plain old opinions without any attached information are fine because that is how most folks operate most of the time anyway. The only sin in that is ignoring truthful facts after they have been carefully, politely presented in an honest attempt to present a differing opinion.
I would really like to hear some opinions on what you would do and why if you were PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES FOR A DAY!--not just what someone else is doing wrong.

Within a few days I intend to move some of my comments from Huffington Post over to this Blog, I am still banned from Team Sarah and they will not reply or give me any reasons for that action. I can not log on and retrieve some of the most brilliant commentary on the web. What a loss for posterity.

How do I get in touch with Michael Briggs?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Blago and his enablers

By now just about everyone knows what a deranged criminal the Governor of Illinois really is. But if the good citizens of Illinois and the United States are to have any chance of doing good and keeping this problem from occurring over and over, we have to kill off the entire nest of vipers. That will have to include any groups and individual within those groups that either by the sins of ommission or commission share in the election of an individual that was known to be under criminal investigation by the U. S. Department of Justice for over 6 years. This would include every single group that aided "Blago" in his reelection bid. One can understand the crooked, venal organizations that rely upon stealing tax $ on a day to day basis, but not so easy to understand is the Chicago group of churches and ministers that are supposed to be the guardians of public morality. It would do all of us some good if the Justice Department took a really close, PUBLIC look at what sort of dealings this bunch had with "Blago". And let us not forget just what sort of "change" agents we are dealing with when the Democratic party, both Illinois and national had intimate knowledge of just what the Governor was doing and not only aided him in his criminal enterprises but refused to run a decent, honorable(if one could have been found in Illinois) candidate against him in his 2nd term primary. What I suggest is that special prosecutors be appointed by the 100's on a lifetime basis, perhaps they could be chosen from the ranks of the laid-off auto workers and they get a percentage of the funds returned to the taxpayers and if they are caught in corruption, it should be classified as a crime of treason, with the death penalty as a punishment option.

Southern Bubba

Monday, August 28, 2006

My Turn - From Southern Bubba

I feel that I must first explain that I am a very conservative sort of person that arrives at an opinion over a lengthy period of time, discussion, and soul searching. Physically, I even look like a conservative person – white, balding, middle-aged, and somewhat overweight; with some attitudes that have radically changed over the last 30 or 40 years. In other words, a typical Southerner who has made some progress in understanding others’ attitudes but not willing to go along just to get along. I am anti-immigration, pro death penalty, would like to see jail terms imposed on any CEOs that move so much as one American job overseas, and see individual meritocracy as an absolute goal of government and society.

Now we come to the subject of gay marriage. Simply stated, I feel as a conservative that homosexuality is a sin and a perversion – BUT it is a sin and a perversion that is none of my business. The Constitution of the United States is the greatest universal secular guide that has ever been created in the history of mankind, and the preamble has lent hope and inspiration to American citizens for over 200 years. My copy does not say that only white, fat, bald, middle-aged, straight guys are allowed the dream of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. My copy says that all American citizens have those rights with the assumption that those rights do not involve harm to any other citizens.

Quite frankly, even from the standpoint of religious thinking, I cannot see the harm to me or anyone else if two adults of the same gender go through the process of a civil union and gain all the advantages and disadvantages attached to that institution. I see advantages, such as insurance that covers both partners, thereby saving tax dollars that would otherwise have to be used to cover one or the other of the partners; more productive activities in the workplace could take place with the stability of these unions; and we should be able to better look ourselves in the eye as a nation if we see to it that every citizen has exactly the same rights as any other citizen.

As a strictly practical matter, my home state of Mississippi has already tried at least two experiments involving the use of “sin” to dig ourselves out of the hole of 50th place in the nation so far as educational achievement is concerned. The legalization of liquor did not quite live up to the expectations of our politicians’ promises and SURPRISE! SURPRISE!, neither did the glorious inspiration of selling out to the gaming interests. I would suggest a bold game plan: legalize gay civil unions ASAP with the stipulation of a one-year residency requirement. BINGO! We would have an immediate influx of gay couples willing to buy houses, rent apartments, establish businesses, and pour tax dollars into the coffers of the educational system. An added bonus would be the swarms of media people who would contribute their not inconsiderable revenue stream to the cause of finally breaking out of 50th place.

So far as religious thinking goes, I believe that GOD makes the decisions as to who spends eternity in Heaven or Hell, and that as a mere mortal, I am not the one in charge of the seating arrangement on the Hell-bound Express Train. And contrary to their assertions, I do not believe that any other mortal gets to wear that particular conductor’s badge. When our nation calls for public sacrifice, 10% to 14% of the crosses in Arlington cemetery are not pink with lace borders, and when gays pay their taxes they do not get a discount based on the lesser number of rights that they have in comparison to the rest of us.

For anyone pushing for a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT opposing gay civil unions, always remember that when you give permission to the government to reduce any group’s or individual’s rights, you have automatically given that government the right to treat you the same way when it takes a notion to do so. The government might decide to class as a federal felony any sort of infidelity on the part of heterosexuals – that makes more sense because another person is harmed in the commitment of the act.

Perhaps those of us who consider personal matters, both religious and sexual, to be private and none of anyone else’s business could explain to those who do like to stick their noses into things that do not concern them that the BIBLE has some great advice that came from the mouth of JESUS himself – all they have to do is read Matthew chapter 7, verses 1-5.